Friday, 21 March 2008

So I build things.

Because I can.
And to get my head empty again.
It fills up with drawings, plans, diagrams, cirquits
And stuff I myself do not know the meaning of....

Unless I build it, it stays in there.
Most of the time I'm working on 2 projects at the same time.
Is this confusing?
Do I mind?
Not at all.

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PDieperink said...

Very nice site, interesting expériences!
The amp on the first picture looks like a Nespresso coffee machine.

B.Rudvall said...

Very nice site you got, realy like the linear watch. A must have item i think.

Vincent Meillet said...

The linear clock is really gorgeous!! Everything is in fact, including the site!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Hand made stuff are best. Wish you luck at work. Good day.

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pedro velasquez said...

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オテモヤン said...


Alex said...

Hello, nice tube amp builds. I find them interesting.

Anonymous said...

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Philippe Meyer said...

Hi Gerrit!
Very nice site and nice stuff! Do these items runs properly? sure! Why? because Gerrit made them. On top of that design is "tip top"

Webmaster said...

These experiences about tube amps are quite interesting